Calebic Clues

Although science supports the conclusion that the true parents of Caleb Davis (1746-1821) are Robert Davis and Susannah Hart, many pieces of the puzzle still need to be arranged.  One of which may likely be Theodore E. Davis (1842-1933) of Marion County, Virginia whose father Franklin Davis (1813-1845) was a son of Jehu L. Davis (1786-1817). Jehu’s father was apparently another Jehu. And the Jehus allegedly moved to the area of Marion County from Sussex County, Delaware – just as Caleb did in the 1790’s.
Theodore was the only other Davis who served in Company A of the 31st Virginia Infantry Regiment besides two of Caleb’s great-grandsons, the twin brothers Jesse and Blackburn Davis.
Theodore, Jesse, and Blackburn Davis were all three born in 1842, and they enlisted in the Marion Guard at Fairmont on the same night. Although Blackburn was captured near Strasburg in June of 1862 and Jesse was captured in the Fall of Petersburg, Private Theodore Davis — who receieved a demotion from the rank of corporal by his own request — finished the war as one of the very few who lasted all the way from the start to the finish, at Appomattox Court House.
No familial link has yet been proven between the two lines, and none may in fact exist. However it is entirely possible that the line of Theodore and the Jehus may yet prove to be an alternate route back to the roots of Caleb’s family.


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